This component displays the list of grades and scores for a single student in a course, including rollup reports, objective mastery, and the what-if calculator.

This component also sets an additional studentEnrollmentId property on the ComponentState object that represents the component's state.
DisableWhatIfSwitchBooleanSpecify true to hide the controls for switching to and from “what if” mode. Specify false if you are handling your own navigation between the modes or if you are embedding the component in the context of a larger page.
ChangeTargetBooleanSpecify true to invoke the “change target date” action after the component is loaded.
EnrollmentIdStringID of the enrollment for which to view student grades. The enrollment implies a student, course and section.
ShowExcusedBooleanSpecify true to show excused items or activities in the list of gradable items. If omitted, the component shows the entire list if the currently authenticated user is a teacher or, if the user is the student, the component uses the last end-user-selected setting.
ShowMasteryBooleanSpecify true to show the component in objective mastery mode.
WhatIfModeBooleanSpecify true to show the component in "what if” mode.
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