StudentCourseList shows a list of courses (and sections) the specified user is currently enrolled in. It includes direct links to each course.
AutoHeightBooleanSpecify true for the component to automatically make its height big enough to contain all its content; specify false to use fixed height and have scrollbars next to the content if necessary. The default is false.
ColorSchemeStringSpecifies the component's color scheme. Specify default to use the default application color, or specify alt to use the application alternate color. (See Overridable Styles for more details about application color schemes.) The default value is default.
ShowContentBooleanSpecify true to include a link to view the content; specify false to hide the link. The default is true.
ShowGradesBooleanSpecify true to include the current section grades and a link to the student grade component; specify false to omit them. The default is true.
ShowObjectivesBooleanSpecify true to include a link to view the objectives; specify false to omit the link. The default is true.
UserIdStringOptional ID of the student for whom to show the list.
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