This component shows the change history for a course resource, including the resource change date, person who changed it, the file size, and version ID. If the end-user has the UpdateCourse right on the course referred to by EntityId, ResourceHistory also shows buttons to restore previous versions of the resource.
AutoHeightBooleanBoolean that controls component height. Specify true for the component to automatically make its height big enough to contain all its content; specify false to use fixed height and have scrollbars next to the content if necessary. The default is false.
ColorSchemeStringSpecifies the component's color scheme. Specify default to use the default application color, or specify alt to use the application alternate color. (See Overridable Styles for more details about application color schemes.) The default value is default.
EntityIdStringString that identifies the entity (course) that contains the resource.
ResourcePathStringString that identifies the resource to view history for.
To listen to events, call addListener on the Frame API.
resourcerestoredRaised when the end-user restores a previous resource version.