This component shows the item analysis by question single course assessment, homework, or custom activity item.
AutoHeightBooleanSpecify true for the component to automatically make its height big enough to contain all its content; specify false to use fixed height and have scrollbars next to the content if necessary. The default is false.
EntityIdStringCourse or section ID for the analysis.
ItemIdStringID of the item for which to view the analysis.
GroupIdStringOptional group ID. If specified, only answers from enrollments belonging to the group are included in the analysis.
EnrollmentIdStringOptional enrollment ID. If specified, only answers from the specified enrollment are included in the analysis.
AllstatusBooleanWhen true, returns analysis for enrollments of any status. When false, returns analysis for only Active or Suspended enrollments. The default is false.
SummaryStringOptional summary rollup as defined in Question Analysis.