This component displays the home page of the currently authenticated user. The default home page detects the role of the user through the current user enrollments following these rules in order and redirects to the listed component:
  1. User is enrolled as a teacher – TeacherHome
  2. User is enrolled as a student – StudentHome
  3. User has ReportDomain rights on the current Domain – AdminHome
  4. User is enrolled as an author – AuthorHome
  5. User has ReadEnrollment rights on an enrollment – ObserverHome
  6. All others – StudentHome
You can override the standard Home component in the domain customization <files> tag. (See Customizing a Domain for more details.) Domain administrator can customize the Home component, or the TeacherHome, StudentHome, ObserverHome, AuthorHome and AdminHome components with a VHTML file by adding a file entry in the domain customization.
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