This component shows a group editor for the specified group set. It allows for creation, modification and deletion of groups within the group set as well as group membership management.
EnrollmentIdStringID of the enrollment associated with the course for which to edit groups. This should be a teacher or author enrollment. The enrollment implies a user and course.
SetIdStringID of the group set for which to edit groups. Omit or set to -1 to create a new group set.
CloneBooleanSpecify true to create a clone of the set specified in SetId, false otherwise. Default value is false.
AddGroupBooleanSpecify true to immediately launch the "add group" dialog. Default value is false.
To listen to events, call addListener on the Frame API.
componentcancelledFires when the the user clicks the Cancel button.
componentsavedFired when the group setup component is saved after the user clicks the OK button.