AnnouncementDetails shows the details of a single announcement.

This component also sets these additional properties on the ComponentState object that represents the component's state:
  • canEdit - Specifies whether the currently authenticated user can edit the announcement.
  • entityId - The entityId parameter passed to the component.
  • path - The path parameter passed to the component.
  • version - The version parameter passed to the component.
EntityIdStringEntity ID associated with the announcment to show. This is usually a domain or course ID.
PathStringThe path, or ID, of the announcement to show. This is the same ID specified in the DLAP PutAnnouncement call.
VersionStringVersion of the announcement to show. If ommitted, the latest version is shown.
AutoHeightBooleanSpecify true for the component to automatically make its height big enough to contain all its content; specify false to use fixed height and have scrollbars next to the content if necessary. The default is false.
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