This component displays a single course item or activity with its associated adornments, including attachments and dropbox controls. (ContentPlayer is a similar component that hides the adornments.)
EnrollmentIdStringIdentifies the enrollment to view. The enrollment implies a course and section.
ItemIdStringIdentifies the item or activity to display.
ShowHeaderBooleanTells whether or not to show the header panel at the top of the player that shows the Edit link, ratings, etc.
ShowRatingsBooleanTells whether or not to show the ratings control at the top of the player.
ExtraStringPasses extra URL data to the player for the item or activity. Extra URL data consists of a bar-separated list of name/value pairs in the following format:


The players for the following item types accept extra URL data:
  • Assessment
    autostart (Boolean)
    Set to true to skip the summary page and automatically start the exam. Default value is false.
  • Blog or Journal
    initialid (String)
    ID of the the post to initially show.
    authorid (String>
    Enrollment id of the user who posted the post initially.
    commentid (String)
    ID of the comment post to show.
  • Discussion
    groupid (String)
    ID of the group to initially show.
    initialid (String)
    ID of the post to initially show or highlight.
  • Homework
    group (Int)
    Zero based index of the question group to use for the action.
    action (String)
    To start a question group set to active. To review a question group set to review. The default value is none.
  • RssFeed
    initialindex (Int)
    Index of the initial article to select and display. If not value is supplied, the component selects the first article.
    listonly (Boolean)
    Whether to show only the RSS list and not the preview pane. Default value is false.
    showsummaries (Boolean)
    Whether to show the summaries for posts by default. Default value is false.
  • Wiki
    groupid (String)
    ID of the group to initially show.
    readonly (Int)
    Specify the number 1 to force the view to be non-editable.
    slug (String)
    Slug, or identifier, of the wiki page to initially show.
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