Run a Report

Run a Report

BrainHoney optionally provides reports for your domain. There are various reports available in the Administration tab depending upon your service with BrainHoney. Some examples of available reports include:
• Users by Domain. A list of students and the domains in which they were created
• Domain Hierarchy. A list of the domains, along with their associated subdomains
• Raw Scores. A raw list of all item scores for all enrolled students
• Section Gradebook. An exportable report containing section enrollment and scores

Following are the instructions for running a report:


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Administration link.


Click the Reports tab. The Reports view displays, and the available reports display in the Reports list.


Double-click the name of the report to be run.


Enter the report parameters, such as the date. The necessary parameters will vary depending upon the type of report. The View As list allows you to select the format for the report (HTML will display in the window, and comma separated or XML files will prompt you to download them).


Click Run Report. The Report displays in the Results tab. To view the parameters that were used to create the report, click the Parameters tab. If you selected HTML as the viewing format and you want to export the report to another format, click the Export button.

To re-run the report, click the Run Report button, and you will be prompted to re-enter the parameters.