Administer Assessment Offline

Administer an Assessment Offline

If a domain has been properly configured, assessments can be printed out to bubble sheets. After students have taken the assessment offline, the answer sheets can be scanned and results uploaded back into BrainHoney.

The process of importing offline results into the gradebook requires a bubble test server, such as DataManager™, which has been designed to integrate with BrainHoney.


The Administration Screen has links used to print and process assessments offline.

  • Print tests and answer sheets - Opens the Print Wizard
  • View scanned test results - Opens the bubble sheet server interface in a new window
  • Download scanning application - Downloads software to connect a local scanner to the server


The first step in the Print Wizard is to select the course which contains the assessment.


Next, select the assessment to print.


A list of currently enrolled students is presented. Students can be selected one at a time or all at once by checking the box at the very top.


Three formats of the assessment are available for printing: Student Test, Bubble Sheet,and Teacher Key.


Student Test prints a generic test form with the questions and possible answers. Print one copy for each student who will be taking the assessment. If used in conjunction with bubble sheets, this form will provide students with the question prompts and answer choices and they will mark their answers in the corresponding spaces on the bubble sheet.


Bubble Sheet prints a sheet with a list of every student taking the assessment and a set of answer bubbles for every question on the assessment. Print one copy for every student listed. Each student will fill in the bubble next to their name, identifying who took the exam, and fill in the answer bubbles as appropriate.


The bottom of the page includes special barcodes, used by the scanning software, to the identify the exact assessment and which answers belong to each student.


Teacher Key prints the same format as the Student Test with the correct answers identified.


Teachers can also access the Print Wizard screens by clicking the Print button while viewing the assessment in the course. Using this print button skips the steps of selecting the course and activity and goes straight to selecting students.

HINT: To administer a test with multiple forms, and discourage cheating, turn on randomization for question and answer order in the assessment item settings, then run the Print wizard multiple times, selecting only a subgroup of students to take the test each time. This will generate a unique test form for each group.