Import Users from a Batch File

Importing users allows you to set up many users in one process. To import users, you will first need to create a tab-delimited text file (.txt) or a comma separated (.csv) file that includes at least the minimum required fields.

The user name of each user must be unique. In addition, all users have an External ID property. This property should contain an additional unique ID for the user. Normally the external ID is the ID of the user from a third party system, such as a student information system. We recommend that all user batch imports specify a User External ID.

BrainHoney does not enforce uniqueness of the Enrollment External ID. You must verify that the external IDs are unique when you create the import file.

Following are the supported fields for batch importing users. See Domain Identifiers on how to specify different domains. Note only some fields may be used for editing users.

ColumnĀ HeaderDescriptionAllow Edit
ActionAdd, Delete, or Edit. Defaults to Add.N/A
First nameUser's first nameYes
Last nameUser's last name.Yes
User nameName user will use when logging in to the system. Yes
PasswordUser password.No
External Id or ReferenceExternal ID of user.Yes
EmailUser email address (this will be used for resetting passwords as well as for communications from course instructors).Yes
Password QuestionSecurity question asked when requesting to reset a password.No
Password AnswerAnswer to security question.No
DescriptionLong text description.Yes
User IdInternal User Id. You cannot set this value, but you can use it to reference users for Edit and Delete actions.No
User GuidInternal User Guid. You cannot set this value, but you can use it to reference users for Edit and Delete actions.No
FlagsRightsFlags for the user in the domain. Enables you to automatically grant domain rights to the new user.No
RoleRole for the user in the domain, as defined by domain administrator, see BrainHoney Roles and Permissions. Enables you to automatically grant domain rights to the new user.No
StatusStatus of user. Valid values are Active and Inactive.Yes

See the samples below for common file formats.

Add (Simple)

Creates five users with the minimum required fields.

First Name,Last Name,User Name,Password
Charlie,Chaplin,cchaplin,city lights
Add (All)

Creates five users with all available fields.

Action,First Name,Last Name,User Name,Password,User External Id,Email,Password Question,Password Answer,Description,Role
Add,Amy,Adams,aadams,apple,U1,,What is 2+2?,4,Actor made famous in Enchanted,Teacher
Add,Bertolt,Brecht,bbrecht,baal,U2,,What is 2+2?,4,German author & director,Administrator
Add,Charlie,Chaplin,cchaplin,city lights,U3,cchaplin@myschool.ede,What is 2+2?,4,Actor & directory of silent movies
Add,Doris,Day,dday,digit,U4,,What is 2+2?,4,Singer & actress of the 1950s and 1960s,Teacher
Add,Eilleen,Edwards,eedwards,eja,U5,,What is 2+2?,4,Country singer known as Shania Twain

Modifies different fields for two existing users that were created with the "Add (All)" sample.


Deletes the five users that were created with the "Add (All)" sample.

Action,User External Id,User Name

Click the Administration tab.


Click the Batch import users link


From the Type menu, select Users.


Click Browse. The Open box displays. Browse and select the file and click Open.


Click Continue.


A verification screen displays an analysis of the import file. If there are errors in the import file, a description of the error for each row will display in the verification screen. You should also review the data at this point to verify accuracy.

You may either click Submit to continue with the import or click Cancel to cancel out of the import process, revise the import file, and try again. If you click Submit, any rows marked with an error will not be imported.


Once you click Submit, the Import Complete screen displays the results of the import. Green checkmarks display by the rows that are imported, and a red X displays by each row that is not imported. The number of users imported displays at the bottom of the screen. Click Done to complete the import process.