Find, View, and Modify User Details

Find, View, and Modify User Details

You may edit user details by locating and viewing the User Details. However, the following properties cannot be edited:

• Username
• User ID
• Login Prefix


Click the Administration button.


Click the Users link. The Find Users dialog box displays. If you have already been working in the Users view, click the Find button in the upper right of the window.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. BrainHoney will search on either First Name, Last Name, Username, UserID, or External ID.


Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *.


To search in all the domains to which you have access, click to place a checkmark in the Search all domains checkbox.


Click Find. All users matching the search criteria specified display in the window.


Select the row of the user, and click Open. Note: you may also double-click the row of the user to open the User Details box. The User Enrollments page displays. Click the "Edit" button in the top right-hand corner.


The Username, User ID, and Login Prefix fields cannot be changed for the user.

• The First Name and Last Name are the names that are displayed in BrainHoney (for example, in the Gradebook and on the Student view of the application).
• The (User) External ID is any information that will identify the user. This may correspond to an ID used for another information system.
• The User's Email Address is the address to which all email communications through BrainHoney are sent.
• The Alias Name is used for students who may have attended the institution under a different name (for example, if a student gets married while attending the institution).
• The Description field enables you to add notes regarding the user.


Once you have completed any changes, click OK. The changes will be made to the user's account.