Find, View, and Edit the Details for a Course

Find, View, and Edit the Details for a Course

The Edit Course window allows you to edit the course title and external ID of the course, as well as the options for digital course protection.


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Courses link. The Courses view displays, along with the Find Courses window.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. You may either enter the whole item or you may enter a partial term. You may also narrow the results by choosing a date. Any courses that were active as of the choosen date will appear in the results. Click Find.


The search results display in the Courses list. To view course details, click the row of the desired course, and click Open. The Course Details screen displays. To edit the course title or course external ID, click Edit.


You may also modify the level of digital course protection by selecting one of the following four options for protecting your course content:

Encrypt course on student machine: All content is encrypted in the student’s computer after the content is downloaded. It can only be viewed only through the downloadable player.
Prevent user from viewing course on web: Students are unable to view course content over the web. This minimizes the ability for students to copy any of the content on the web.
Prevent user from copying course content: Students are unable to use the copy function while viewing the course content.
Prevent user from printing course content: Students are unable to print any part of the course content.

Click the Advanced arrow to reveal the digital course protection options, and click the checkboxes for the options that best meet your needs (if desired).


Once you have finished reviewing or editing the course details, click OK.