Export Grades from a Section

Export Grades from a Section

You may export grades for a section to a .csv file, which may be opened in either a text editor or a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel.


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Sections link. The Sections view displays, along with the Find Sections window.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *. Click Find.


The search results display in the Section list. Click the row of the desired section, and click Open. The Section Details screen displays.


Click Export Scores.


Click Save, browse to select a location to save the file, and click Open. The exported file .csv file will be saved to your local device.

Sample Exported File

This example shows the values exported in the Grades.csv file.