Export a Course

BrainHoney courses can be exported to zip files readable by BrainHoney, Blackboard, Common Cartridge, and Moodle, as well as XML files. Exporting courses can be used to backup content or as a way to bring a BrainHoney course into another LMS. When loaded in another LMS, these files essentially point back to BrainHoney to access content. For example, an exported course created in BrainHoney will successfully import in Blackboard, but does not put the content into Blackboard's menus, assignments, gradebook, etc. The course will link back to BrainHoney to access and display content.


Select the course from the Home Screen (or by using the administrative search).


Navigate to the Syllabus page.


Select Course Settings from the top-right corner of the syllabus frame.


Click Export Course in the bottom-right corner of the window.


Here, you'll have the ability to specify the file name, export file type, and more. Make the appropriate selections and click Export Course to create an export package for your course. Note: This may take several minutes, depending on the size of your course.