Enroll a User in a Course

Enroll a User in a Course

When you enroll a user in a course, you will either be assigning a pre-defined role (such as student, teacher, or teaching assistant) to the user or assigning a combination of privileges (such as Edit Course Content or View Gradebook) directly to the user.

To enroll a student, choose a role that has the Student permission right. To enroll a teacher or teaching assistant, choose a role that has a grading permission (Grade Assignment, Grade Exam, Grade Forum, Read Gradebook, Setup Gradebook, or Submit Final Grade.) Student enrollees can submit assignments, assessment attempts, and forum posts, and they can send e-mails to "All Teachers", which includes any enrollee with a grading permission. Those with grading permissions can grade the submissions, view or setup the gradebook, participate in forums, submit final grades, and e-mail any enrollee. You can create roles with any combination of permissions. (See Define Permissions for Your Domain for more details.)

In most cases, pre-defined roles will already be set up in BrainHoney.


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Courses link. The Courses view displays, along with the Find Courses window.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *. You can enter a Course Title or either internal or external ID.


The search results display in the Course list. To view course details, click the row of the desired course, and click Open. The Course Details screen displays.


Click Enroll User. The Find User window displays.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. You either or part of a user's First Name, Last Name, Username, User ID, or External ID.


Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *.


To search in all the domains to which you have access, click to place a checkmark in the Search all domains checkbox.


Click Find. All users matching the search criteria specified display in the window. Note: If there is only one match, the Enrollment window automatically displays with the user's information.

If there is more than one match, click the row containing the user to enroll, and click OK. The Enrollment window displays containing the user's information.


If you have predefined roles, click the Role list and select the appropriate role for the user for this course. The Permissions will be automatically assigned based on the role that you select.


Assign the status for the user.


The Start and End Date default to the Start and End date for the course. Modify them as necessary. They are absolute times; Start Date begins at beginning-of-day, and End Date ends at end-of-day in your timezone (whoever is editing the enrollment dates). For example, if you are in the U.S. Mountain time zone and choose 1/6/2010 as the start date, the absolute start date is beginning of day 1/6/2010 in the Mountain time zone. Students in the U.S. Eastern timezone would not be able to start until 2am Eastern time.


If you do not have predefined roles or if you want to assign custom permissions for this user, assign the appropriate permissions for this user by clicking the corresponding checkbox. Following are definitions for the permissions:

Owner. Has all rights to the course.
Delete. Can delete courses.
Edit. Can make changes to course content.
View Gradebook. Can view the gradebook.
Setup Gradebook. Can make changes to how the gradebook is set up.
Grade Exams. Can grade exams in the gradebook for the course.
Grade Assignments. Can grade assignments in the gradebook for the course.
Grade Forums. Can grade forums in the gradebook for the course.
Submit Final Grades. Can submit the final grades for the course.
Student. Can view course content, turn in assignments, take exams, and participate in forums.
Read. Can view course content.


Once you have completed entering the user information, click OK. The course will now appear on the user's home page (if the user's status in the course is Active).