Administrator Overview

The role of the administrator primarily focuses on managing domains, courses, sections, and users. For information on managing course content, please see the Author Guide.

This table provides an overview of the topics inside the Administrator Guide. You will find corresponding topics along the menu to the left.

Here the administrator will have find information about easy access to domains, users, courses, and sections, as well as viewing performance indicators and proxying in as users.
Subdomains can be used to differentiate curriculum between schools. Here you will find information about personalizing domains, including configuring a conference server.
Administration can import, add, or delete a course along with editing the details for a course. For information on managing course content, please see the Author Guide
Sections can be used to differentiate current course content between groups of students. Administrators can miport, add, and delete a section, edit section details, enable conferencing, and export grades from sections.
Users consist of everybody who uses gradebook: students, teachers, authors, and administrators. You can import, add, and delete a user, along with editing his details and changing his password.
Here the administrator will learn how to organize users into sections within courses, as well as the different enrollment values.
Each user is granted different roles and permissions within a course and a domain. Here the administrator will find information on granting, modifying, and revokeing user permissions and roles.
Here you will find information on the various user reports available for export.
This is a brief overview on customizing the 'look and feel' of BrainHoney for your domain.
The administrator can send announcements to users within his or her domain. Here you will find information on managing these announcements.