Add a Subdomain

Add a Subdomain

Following are some notes to keep in mind when configuring the objects for your institution:
• Sub-domains are not required – they are an optional organizational tool to keep different entities separate
• An administrator with primary domain rights has access to all sub-domains
• An administrator with rights to a sub-domain only has access to that sub-domain, but not the primary or other sub-domains
• Course content cannot be easily shared between domains


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Administration link.


Click the Subdomains tab.


Click New Domain. The New Domain box displays.


Create a name for the subdomain. This name will display on the user's screen for users who are created in this domain.


Assign a login prefix for the subdomain. Users will type the login prefix before their usernames when they log in, using the following convention:


For example, if the login prefix is "eugc", and a user's login ID is "rlhasa", the user would type the following in the user ID field when logging in:


Please note: Once the login prefix is assigned, it cannot be changed.


Assign an external ID. This field may also be used as a description of the subdomain.


BrainHoney provides capability for integration with third party web conferencing services. Currently the only vendor supported is Elluminate, a third party web conferencing service designed for education.

To enable the conferencing, you will need to set up an account with Elluminate. Once this is done, you will receive from Elluminate your main URL, username, and password to set up and join a conference.

If you have this information, you may configure conferencing for the subdomain. Click the Conference server arrow to expand the conference settings area, and complete the following steps:

1. From the Type list, select Elluminate or Elluminate with Bridge API v2.0.
2. In the URL box, type your main URL (provided by Elluminate).
3. In the Username box, type the username (provided by Elluminate).
4. In the Password box, type the password for your Elluminate service.
5. Click Test to ensure that you can connect to the server.

Please note: Elluminate with Bridge API v2.0 is for accessing the conference server if it is being hosted by Elluminate. If you are hosting your own conference server, select Elluminate.

Note: You will also need to configure each course that will be using the conferencing service.


When you have completed entering the information, click OK.