Add a User

Add a User

A user is anyone who has access to domain or course data through BrainHoney. In order to have rights to a domain or course, an individual's account must be set up in the system and those rights must be defined.


Click the Administration button.


Click the Users link. The Find Users dialog box displays. Click Close to close the Find Users box. The Users view displays.


Click the New User button in the bottom left corner. The New User dialog displays, allowing you to add user information.

• The First Name and Last Name are the names that will be displayed in BrainHoney (for example, in the Gradebook and on the Student view of the application).
• The Username must be unique; if the desired username has already been used, you will receive a message from the system, allowing you to enter a new username.
• The Password should be strong: it is recommended to use at least one capital and one numeral to reduce the change of the password being guessed.
• The (User) External ID box should contain an entry (either numeric or text) that will uniquely identify the user. This may correspond to an ID used for another information system.
• The User's Email Address is the address to which all email communications through BrainHoney are sent.
• The Question and Answer enable the user to reset his or her password by answering a question.


Click OK. The new user is created; however, at this point, the new user does not have any rights and is not enrolled in any courses.

Note: The following characters are supported for use in a BrainHoney username: