Create a New Section

Create a New Section

Sections are actual instances of the course content, with teachers and students for a specific class. In addition to teacher and student roles, roles such as teacher assistants and auditors (or guests) may be defined for a particular section.


Click the Administration tab.


Click the Sections link. The Sections view displays, along with the Find Sections window. Click Close to close the Find Sections window.


Click New Section. The Find Course window displays.


Find the course to associate with the section. Click the radio button for the search criterion (Course title, Course ID, or External ID). Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *. Click Find.


The search results display. To select the course, click the row containing the course title, and click OK. The New Section box displays.


Enter a title for the section.


Enter an external ID - this typically corresponds to the ID for the section in another system.


Enter the term for the section.


Select the type of section and enter details for the section type:

Range. A section with a start and stop date.
Continuous. A section without an end date. A continuous section may optionally have a limit on the number of days to complete the section.


To enable conferencing, check the Enabled check box under Communication features.

Note: Conferencing must first be enabled and configured on the current domain.


When you have completed entering the information for the section, click OK.


A new section for a course may also be created from the Course Detail screen. To open the Course detail screen, click the Courses link under the Admin tab, find the course, and click Open.