Change a User's Enrollment Status in a Course

Change a User's Enrollment Status in a Course

There are several options for changing a user's enrollment in a course, which is performed by changing the student's enrollment status. Following are the possible options for user enrollment:

Active. The student is currently active in the course.
Withdrawn (No Score). The student has withdrawn from the course without a score.
Withdrawn (Failed). The student has withdrawn from the course and is assigned a failing score.
Transferred. The student has transferred to another course.
Completed. The student has completed this course.
Completed (No Credit). The student has completed this course but did not receive credit.
Suspended. The student has been suspended from this course. The student will be able to view the course materials, but will not be able to take assessments or submit assignments.
Inactive. The student is not actively involved in the course. The course will not display on the student's home page: the student will not have access to the course materials.

To change a user's enrollment status, open the user's enrollment in the Administration tab.


Click the Administration button.


Click the Users link.


Select the criteria by which you want to search. BrainHoney will search on either First Name, Last Name, Username, UserID, or External ID.


Enter the search item. You may either enter the whole item, or you may enter a partial term with the wildcard character *.


To search in all the domains to which you have access, click to place a checkmark in the Search all domains checkbox.


Click the Find button. All users matching the search criteria specified display in the window.


Select the row of the user.


Click Open.


Click the row of the enrollment to be changed.


Click Edit Enrollment.


From the Status list, select the correct status and click OK.


You may also delete a user's enrollment. Deleting a user's enrollment permanently removes the enrollment and any associated user data such as enrollment status, final score, submitted assignments, and exams. This is not recommended.