BrainHoney Administration: Role Values

BrainHoney Role Values

The following table lists the possible values for the flags attributes in the roles.xml file. To determine the value to use for the flag attribute, look up each of the permissions necessary for the role and calculate the sum of the hexadecimal value(s) for the final permission.

Notice that some values automatically add additional permissions. When defining values for roles.xml, add the additional value to the total so the user interface will display the appropriate text, instead of the word "Custom".

0x00NoneNo privileges.
0x01ParticipateThe "student" bit: a user can submit assignments and exam attempts.
NOTE: This value is only assignable on an enrollment and automatically adds the ReadCourse value as well.
0x10CreateDomainUser can create domains in a domain.
0x20ReadDomainUser can read domains in a domain.
0x40UpdateDomainUser can update domains in a domain.
0x80DeleteDomainUser can delete domains from a domain.
0x100CreateUserUser can create users in a domain.
0x200ReadUserUser can read/list users in a domain.
0x400UpdateUserUser can update other users in a domain.
0x800DeleteUserUser can delete users from a domain.
0x1000-Reserved for future use.
0x2000-Reserved for future use.
0x4000-Reserved for future use.
0x8000-Reserved for future use.
0x10000CreateCourseUser can create courses in a domain.
0x20000ReadCourseUser can read courses in a domain.
0x40000UpdateCourseUser can update courses in a domain.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadCourse when applied to an enrollment.
0x80000DeleteCourseUser can delete courses from a domain.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadCourse when applied to an enrollment.
0x100000CreateSectionUser can create sections in a domain.
0x200000ReadSectionThe "auditor" bit: User can read sections in a domain, but they cannot submit assignments or exam attempts.
0x400000UpdateSectionUser can update sections in a domain.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x800000DeleteSectionUser can delete sections from a domain.
0x1000000GradeAssignmentUser can grade assignments.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x2000000GradeForumUser can grade forum posts.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x4000000GradeExamUser can grade exams.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x8000000SetupGradebookUser can post gradebook setup file.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x10000000ControlDomainThe domain "owner" bit: user is the domain owner and can grant rights for it.
0x20000000ControlCourseThe course "owner" bit: user is the course owner and can grant rights for it.
0x40000000ControlSectionThe section "owner" bit: user is the section owner and can grant rights for it.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadGradebook.
0x80000000ReadGradebookUser can read gradebook.
NOTE: Automatically adds ReadCourse when applied to an enrollment.
0x100000000ReportDomainUser can run reports on the domain.
0x200000000ReportCourseUser can run reports on the course.
0x400000000-This value was removed from the BrainHoney UI. It was formerly used for ReportSection.
0x800000000PostDomainAnnouncementsUser can post announcements to the domain.
0x1000000000ProxyUser can proxy as someone else.
0x2000000000-Reserved for future use.
0x4000000000ReportUserUser can run reports on the user.
0x8000000000SubmitFinalGradeUser can submit final grades.
0x10000000000ControlEnrollmentThe enrollment "owner" bit: user is an enrollment owner and can grant rights for enrollment in the domain.
0x20000000000ReadEnrollmentUser can read enrollments in a domain or course.
0x40000000000ReadCourseFullUser can read all course content data, including assessment questions and hidden-from-student content, regardless of their other enrollment rights on the course.
0x80000000000ControlUserUser can assign rights or subscriptions to users in the domain.
0x100000000000ReadObjectiveUser can read objectives and objective maps from an objective set.
0x200000000000UpdateObjectiveUser can add, update, or delete objectives or objective maps in an objective set.
0x400000000000ReadCreditsUser can read credits for other users.
0x800000000000UpdateCreditsUser can issue, spend, or transfer credits.
0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFAdministratorThis value supersedes all others and simultaneously awards all permissions.
NOTE: This is usually represented as the decimal value of negative one(-1).