Agilix BrainHoney is a state-of-the-art learning management system to help your educational institution improve your student’s learning experience. It is designed with the most advanced course authoring, learning objective management, gradebook management, and student tools to make virtual learning exceptionally easy. We believe you will find BrainHoney a valuable tool to improve your learning, enhance the way you work, and make it easier for your instructors to deliver a powerful learning experience.

Not sure where to turn? Below you will find Instructional Guides and help:

Student GuideDescribes how students view course content, submit assignments, take tests, change passwords, and more.
Teacher GuideDescribes how teachers grade assignments, monitor student progress, submit final grades, and more. For information on adding course content, see the Author Guide.
Author GuideDescribes how authors create courses, modify course structure, and add content, assignments, assessments to a course, and more.
Observer GuideProvides an overview of BrainHoney from the perspective of an observer.
Administrator GuideDescribes how administrators manage domains and subdomains, create and configure user accounts, grant roles and permissions, run reports, and more.
Developer GuideTeaches BrainHoney developers about powerful tools for advanced customization and integration: everything from customizing the Welcome page to embedding BrainHoney components into your organization's website.
Samples Provides samples for common customization and developer tasks.
SupportDescribes how to get help from the Agilix Support team.