Visibility and Completion Settings

You use Visibility and Completion settings to control whether students can see the item and to control what determines whether a student has completed the item.

visibility panel

These are the visibility and completion settings for an item:

NOTE: Restrict visibility by date is based on the user's local time zone. If a teacher in the Eastern Time Zone sets the visibility for 9:00 AM EST, students in the Pacific Time Zone will be able to view it at 6:00 AM PST, because that is the same moment it is visible for all students, worldwide. The student's local calendar will reflect the time zone adjustment. Setting the visibility time to 11:59 PM will make the assignment visible at the end of the day according to the local time zone. This special time setting will allow a student in the Eastern Time Zone to view the assignment three hours before the Pacific Time Zone student because it is not yet midnight on the West Coast.