Setting up Groups

From the Group Setup page you can view each of the existing groups in the course, and are presented the options of adding, cloning, editing or deleting a group.


Add a Group

To add a group, click the Add button at the bottom of the screen. Add a Group Set to the course, or add a Group to the currently selected Group Set. In the example above, "Discussion Board" is a group set, while "Red Team", "Blue Team", "Yellow Team" and "Green Team" are groups inside the "Discussion Board" group set.

Add Group

Add a Group Set

Specify the group set name, the number of groups you would like created or the approxiate number of students per group, and how the group members will be assigned.

Add Group Set

Group Setup Page

Once your group set has been created you can view the group set and each of the groups belonging to it from the Group Setup page.

Group Setup Page

Add a Group to a Group Set

To add an additional group to an existing group set, simply click Add Group to Selected Group Set and specify the group name.

Add Group Set

Delete a Group

Delete a group by clicking the red Delete next to the group name.