Search lets you search for publicly available content provided by BrainHoney, and it lets you search courses that you are subscribed to.

Once you find content items in a course, you simply drag them from the Search results panel and drop them into your course syllabus.

search results

Enabling a Course to be Searched

Note: the Search feature does NOT search within a course that you are currently editing. Search finds items only in courses to which you are subscribed so that you can drag/drop those items into your course.

The owner of the course to which you are subscribed must enable the search index on the course. Enabling the search index consumes extra server resources and requires additional computing power to ensure that items in the course remain indexed. Therefore, do not enable the search index on courses that have no subscribers. If you are a course owner and have subscribers searching your course, follow these steps to enable search indexing on your course:


Navigate to the course syllabus screen.


Click Course Settings to open the course settings screen.


Click Sharing to open the sharing panel.


Check the Include course in subscriber search index box.

subscriber index checkbox
Searching Content Aligned to Common Standards

To search for standards-aligned content, you must first import the common standards into your course as described in Align Activities to State Standards.

syllabus button

Navigate to the course syllabus screen of the course for which you wish to get content.

search bar

Click Search to open the Search panel.

objective list

From the objective list on the left-side of the Syllabus, click an objective that you want to search by. Search immediately begins searching for items aligned to that objective. The results appear in the search results panel on the right side of the page.

Refining Your Search

You can alter or refine your search by choosing any of the following options:

search box

  • Clear the "Aligned to objective" box to search all items, regardless of their alignment.
  • Enter any text in the "Key words" field to search for items that contain those words.
  • To search a particular source of items to which you are subscribed, choose the source from the "Sources" drop-down list.
  • To search for a particular type of item (assessment, discussion forum, assignment, etc.), choose the item type from the "Of type" drop-down list.


Search may find hundreds or thousands of items, but it displays them one page at a time with the most relevant results first. To expand the search results pane and see more paging controls, you can drag the small vertical separator bar on the left-edge of the search results pane to the left.