Author Overview

In BrainHoney, the role of Author is given to creators and designers of course content. While there is some overlap between the Teacher and Author roles, the Author Guide focuses primarily on course creation. From creating entire courses to adding new content, this Author Guide serves as your go-to source for creating the most exciting and dynamic courses for your students.

This table provides an overview of the topics inside the Author Guide. You can find corresponding topics along the menu to the left.

Turn here for details on any topic dealing with course creation, including creating new courses, copying existing courses, and information on master-derivative/linked courses.
The syllabus is the place for Authors to add, manage, and delete course content.
Learn more about tunable features and options you have when setting up your course.
Need to edit your course's structure? Here you'll find out how.
Organize class members into groups for group projects. Or if you teach the identical course to multiple classes, you can create groups to organize students in their respective classes.
Students typically spend most of their time in BrainHoney working on assignments. Here you find detailed information on all features and options you have when creating assignments.
Want to create a reading quiz, pre-test, or final exam? Turn here for detailed information on assessments, assessment settings, and the advanced assessment editor.
Discussion Boards are a great way to promote student interaction! Learn more here.
For information on other BrainHoney items, such as Editable Content, File or Web Site, Survey, Wikis and more, turn here.
To learn how to measure learning outcomes by aligning course content to learning objectives, turn here.