Gradebook Settings

From the Gradebook Settings panel, you control gradebook attributes of this item, such as points possible, grading category, whether the score can be dropped when calculating final grades, and whether students can submit to an electronic dropbox.

These are the gradebook settings you can set for an item:

When you check the "Add to gradebook" box, these options become available for the item:

NOTE: Due date and Restrict score visibility by date are based on the user's local time zone. If a teacher in the Eastern Time Zone sets the Due Date for 5:00 PM EST, students in the Pacific Time Zone will need to be completed by 2:00 PM PST, because that is the same moment it is due for all students, worldwide. The student's local calendar will reflect the time zone adjustment. Setting the Due Date time to 11:59 PM will make the assignment due at the end of the day according to the local time zone. This special time setting will require a student in the Eastern Time Zone to complete the assignment three hours before the Pacific Time Zone student because it is not yet midnight on the West Coast.