Add a Lesson to a Module

Lessons are course items that let you group multiple activities (gradable or non-gradable) together for a student, but show only a single lesson score in the gradebook. BrainHoney calculates the lesson score from the lesson's gradable activity scores.

Creating Lessons

A lesson can be created by clicking on the Add menu and clicking on the Lesson Item. To add items to a lesson, you can click on the Lesson and then add items from the Add menu or you can drag and drop items into the lesson much like populating items in a folder or module. For example, this lesson contains a non-graded reading, a graded paper, discussion forum, and assessment:

Lesson Sample

Viewing in the Gradebook

Teachers can choose to hide or show lesson's activity details in the Gradebook by clicking on the Display Options menu and selecting to either enable or disable Lesson Details. However, in order to view the grade roll-up for the lesson, all of the students in the course will need to complete each assignment in the lesson.

Gradebook Lesson Details Sample

Viewing in the Students' Grades Page

Students can also choose to hide or show lessons by clicking on the folder icon to enable or disable their expanded views in the Student's Grade Page.

Grades Lesson Details Sample