Customize the BrainHoney Interface

Customize the BrainHoney Interface

You can customize many aspects of the BrainHoney interface including styles, welcome and login pages, dashboard pages for students and teachers, even the outer navigation frame of the BrainHoney user interface. The process generally involves creating custom HTML pages and style sheets and uploading them to the BrainHoney server through the BrainHoney Administration home page:

  • Welcome.htm is the default page that users see when they go to the BrainHoney home page. To learn how to customize the welcome page, see Custom Welcome Page.
  • Login.htm is the page that users see when they follow a link into the BrainHoney Web Server or when they time out due to a lost Internet connection. To learn how to customize the login page, see Custom Welcome Page.
  • Styles.css is a standard css page that is included on every page in the BrainHoney Web Server and can be modified to override the default styles. See Custom Logo and Colors Example and Overridable Styles for more information.

For more complex customizations, such as overriding dashboard pages, overriding the standard navigation frame, or displaying custom HTML pages that include BrainHoney components, please refer to the developer's guide to Customizing the User Interface.