Response Data
Response Data is the XML that an adaptive assessment engine returns to BrainHoney in response to a Request. The Response Data controls what BrainHoney next shows to the end-user who is currently taking the assessment, and optionally alters the current Submission and Response that BrainHoney is assembling for the end-user.
<response display="question | submission | html | done" [partid="string"] [options="refresh"]>
<button action="next | previous | submit"/>
XML in the Submission format. When specified, this becomes the current Submission for the student.
XML in the Response format. When specified, this becomes the current Response for the student.
When display is html, this element is required and is the HTML (such as instructional text or other information) to display. BrainHoney replaces any domain or course variables in the HTML before displaying it to the end-user.
Any data that the adaptive assessment engine uses to maintain state. BrainHoney returns this data to the adaptive assessment engine in subsequent requests as the state request parameter.
responsedisplayControls what is displayed to the end-user. Specify one of these values:
  • question - Display a new question from the request's questionlist. You must also include partid.
  • submission - Display a submission (question) from the current Submission. You must also include partid, which identifies the question in the current Submission.
  • html - Display the html.
  • done - Display the assessment review page. If the assessment does not support review mode, this command displays the summary page instead.

partidIf display is question, this is the partid of the submission in the request's questionlist to add to the current Submission and display. If display is submission, this is the partid of the submission in the current Submission to display. To display more than one question at a time pass in a vertical bar (|) seperated list of ids.

optionsControls display options. Specify one of these values:
  • refresh - CoursePlayer reloads the course table of contents. Applies only when display is done.
response / buttons / buttonactionDisplay a button for the specified action.
response / submission
Becomes the current Submission for the student. Include this element only when overriding or adding to the current Submission. For example, an engine returns a modified submission to add a new question that was not in the Request's questionlist, or it can alter an existing question in the list.
response / response
Becomes the current Response for the student. If omitted, the current Response remains unchanged.
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