Request Parameters

These are the parameters that BrainHoney sends in a request to an adaptive assessment engine. The parameters are name-value pairs in the HTTP POST data.

actionOne of the following values:
  • start - Start a new assessment, or continue an assessment that had been previously saved and is now being re-started.
  • next - Go to the next question.
  • previous - Go to the previous question. This is optional and can be called only if you specify <button action="previous"> in the Response Data to the previous request, and the end-user then clicks the "Previous" button.
  • submit - Submit the assessment. This action occurs if the user clicks the "Submit" button, navigates away from the page, or if the assessment has a time limit that has expired.
enrollmentidEnrollment ID of the user taking the assessment.
itemidItem ID of the assessment item in the course.
questionlistA pre-configured list of questions that the adaptive assessment engine can draw from when deciding which question to present next. The list is in the Submission format as generated by GenerateSubmission using questions in the assessment item with ID itemid. The adaptive assessment directs BrainHoney to use a question from this list by returning display="question" in the Response Data.
submissionThe current Submission for the student taking the assessment. The adpative assessment engine can optionally modify this Submission and return the modified Submission in the Response Data.
responseThe current Response, which includes current score information, for the student taking the assessment. The adpative assessment engine can optionally modify this Response and return it to BrainHoney in the Response Data.
submissionidIf the last display value was question or submission, submissionid contains the partid of the last-taken question from submission, which is also the foreignid in the corresponding response. If the current display contains more than one question, submissionid is a vertical-bar (|) seperated list of ids.
stateThe state value that the adaptive assessment engine last returned in its Response Data. BrainHoney simply returns the data back to the adaptive assessment engine so that it can maintain its state, if any.
oauth_...If you have configured request signing, the standard oauth parameters (oauth_version, oauth_nonce, oauth_timestamp, oauth_signaturemethod, oauth_consumerkey, oauth_callback, and oauth_signature) are also included. See Adaptive Assessment API for more details.
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